How A UK Degree Can Boost Canadian Students’ Career Opportunities

Feb 3, 2017 1:57:13 PM

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The main reason for anyone attending university, is to get one step further to achieving their desired career. It’s important to attend a university where students are not only taught skills for future jobs in their studies, but also learn from new cultural experiences, friendships, social life, and the everyday independency that may be new to the student. Studying abroad allows for these learnings on another level, and why not do that in the country home that is to top English speaking universities? We outline some more reasons of why North American students should choose the UK to study their degree…

Recognized institutions

As the UK is known for schools with high academic standards, earning a degree from an accredited UK university connects students to an institution with a prestigious reputation recognized internationally. The chosen university will offer excellent program teachings, along with great academic and career support, and will look highly impressive on a resume.

Less time and more intensive programs

The quicker, the better, right? Not only will students have the opportunity to study at one of the top educational institutions in the world, they are able to squeeze all their studies in a shorter time than back home. A three-year Bachelor’s and one-year Master’s get straight to the point, requiring students to take only those classes which relate to their major. Not only that, with funding always being a big stumbling block to studying abroad, less time spent studying a degree means less money spent.

More specialized degrees

UK universities tend to offer more specialized degrees at the Master’s level than most American universities. This can be attractive to students who don’t want to wait until studying a PhD or entering the workforce to start narrowing their interests and delving further into their specific field of study.

Having the freedom to pursue a specialty degree early on in an academic career allows exposure to educational and/or professional communities in which a student may join one day.

Boosts your employability

Our UK partner universities all offer programs that students can utilize when applying for jobs at home after their studies. Employers seek applicants who are flexible and show an aptitude for independence and leadership. Having an international degree helps to show potential employers that they took the initiative to live and study abroad, giving them international experience that is highly valued in the work place.

For any parents or students who would like to learn more about studying in the UK and the practicalities on moving abroad, we have written an eBook just for you! Download our Study In The UK: The Parent’s Guide, or enquire with one of our UK Study Experts.

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