Essential Tips To Help Plan Your Overseas Scholarship Application

Apr 13, 2015 5:00:00 PM

overseas scholarship application

There is a misconception that studying abroad is expensive, and we acknowledge that cost will always be a factor. However, there are funding options available to students, which make this opportunity possible; one of which is university scholarships.

When considering the cost of tuition, living expenses, housing, and books, even a small discount in tuition is a big help. 

However, as thousands of students apply for scholarships every year, the chances of being chosen for funding is tough. Your location, grades, and current financial status all have a bearing on whether you will be accepted, but perhaps the most important factor is HOW you apply.

Follow these essential tips below to help you plan your overseas scholarship application, but remember, there are a limited amount available so even acing this process does not guarantee acceptance…

Be confident

Some applications request a letter of explanation as to why you should receive scholarship help. 

The quality of your letter is absolutely essential. This is your chance to confidently explain who you are and what you hope to achieve with your degree. 

Unless requested, do not go into too much detail about your hobbies and social life; rather, approach your letter as if you were giving a speech to people you do not know.

Your reader should be left with a sense of your history, your goals, how your degree will advance your efforts, even your personality.  Make the decision committee want to help you!

It’s important to remember that many scholarships don’t need separate applications as you will automatically be considered through your initial application. For more information on this, get in touch with our advisor here.

Be comprehensive

Ensure your overseas scholarship application forms are completed comprehensively and correctly so as not to disqualify you immediately.

Applications with missing details will be more than likely be thrown onto the ‘No’ pile immediately. Fill out the forms with care, double check your answers and get someone else to check it for you too.

Be careful

Ensuring your details are correct is only part of it. Make sure you are not wasting your time in the first place by taking time to read through the eligibility criteria to certify you have a good chance of acceptance.

Be aware of any scholarship opportunities offered by UK universities themselves, especially if these offers guarantee acceptance. These promises are red flags – beware!

Some websites may offer ‘guarantees’ of getting accepted – these sites may be fraudulent so be careful who you trust. Only apply on websites that are approved by the relevant educational boards in Canada and the UK.

For any student unsure of researching funding available, the Across the Pond team can help to find the best and most eligible scholarships for your degree.

Be expansive

Although there are thousands of students applying for scholarships, surprisingly there are surprisingly still quite a few opportunities students never.

Remember there are also scholarships available by course, subject area, and even university department – but these are not available from any Canadian institutions.

In this case, don’t limit your options by just applying for one scholarship. Be expansive in your research and apply for as many eligible schemes as possible. Remember, any funding help, large or small, will be a big help.

Be accepted

Some scholarships require you to actually hold an offer from a UK university first, before applying for the scheme.

As you wait for a university decision, research your scholarship opportunities. As soon as you get an acceptance, apply for the scholarship immediately to ensure you are first in line.

Be timely

Meeting application deadlines is a must. Failure to submit on time means you will miss out on a scholarship opportunity. 

Most UK scholarship deadlines are in the spring before the start of the program.  For this reason, students should submit their university applications by the end of January at the latest.

This will allow the university plenty of time to extend the necessary offer so the student can successfully apply for the scholarship.

At Across the Pond, we can help you achieve your goals, even those who forget to apply! We will send your alerts of impending deadlines to ensure you’re always on track.

Be mentored

Applying for scholarships is not easy. It takes time, and a lot of brain power to put together a compelling overseas scholarship application.

If you feel you need assistance searching for and applying for scholarships, Across the Pond can help simplify the process, and make it as successful as possible.

Having assisted over 10,000 students to fulfil their aspirations of studying in the UK, we have a lot of experience. That is why we are experts. For more information, download our free guide Studying in the UK: A guide for Canadian Students.


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