Day Trips to Inverness

Nov 9, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Travelling To Inverness

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit family in Inverness for a few days while my course had a reading week. I took the train from Edinburgh to Inverness, which was about a three hour journey. The train itself is such a lovely experience; you pass so much beautiful scenery, the journey just flies by!

(View from the train to Inverness)(View from the train to Inverness)

Things To Do In The City

The city itself is relatively small, but very easy to get around! There are so many things to see, and it is very beautiful. Within the city itself, there are all sorts of cafés and pubs to eat at, which are all delightful. There are also many things to experience.

  1. The River Ness

The River Ness flows through the centre of the city, and farther down into Loch Ness. It is lovely and picturesque, and a wonderful place to walk down at any time of day.

  1. Inverness Castle

Near the city centre, Inverness Castle is up on a hill and overlooks the entire city. You can walk up the hill and experience the view, as well as explore the castle and see views from the towers. It is a beautiful place, with beautiful views of the River Ness and beyond.

(View from Inverness Castle of the River Ness)(View from Inverness Castle of the River Ness)

  1. Eastgate Shopping Centre

If you’re a shopping fan, there is a great mall in the city centre. Pick up souvenirs for yourself and friends and family!

  1. Eden Court Theatre

If you’re interested in seeing a movie or a play, check out Eden Court! They have all sorts of shows all year round, and a lovely café to eat at as well!

Things To See Outside of Inverness

(Loch Ness)There are several things to see just outside of the city as well that are absolutely beautiful. Check out these wonderful attractions that are just a quick trip on public transport away!

  1. Loch Ness

If you’re in Inverness, you can’t miss your chance to try and find Nessie! Just outside Inverness, travel around the entire Loch and see some of the most beautiful scenes you can imagine. If you’re lucky, you may just see the Loch Ness Monster!      

  1. Urquhart Castle

If you’re travelling Loch Ness, stop and see Urquhart Castle! Along the edge of the Loch, it’s a beautiful historic building with a lovely view. Experience and learn more about history with a tour of the castle!

(Loch Ness)   (Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness)

  1. Culloden Battle Field

If you’re a history fan, experience some of Scotland’s history! Culloden Battle Field is just north-west of Inverness, and its museum and memorial are amazing to see. As well, if you’re a  fan of the TV show Outlander, this is a pivotal location of the series. It is humbling to see the location of such history, and something you must see if history interests you.

  1. Glen Affric

A beautiful scenic location just outside of the city, Glen Affric is wonderful to see, especially in the fall. The changing leaves add so much more magic to the area, which is full of 10 000 year old trees. It is an absolutely stunning location, which I cannot recommend enough!

(Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness)

(Glen Affric)

(Glen Affric)

  1. Dog Falls

Just a short distance from Glen Affric, Dog Falls is beautiful. A half hour hike along the river, it is great for anyone who loves the outdoors! There are three different trails depending on how long of a hike you want, but make sure you go early in the day! I was not able to hike the trails because we arrived to close to dark, but it was still nice to see the beginning of the trail and read about the area’s history!

If you want to see more of Scotland while studying abroad, definitely visit the capital of the Highlands. It is full of beautiful scenery and historic areas, and is a definite must if you’re studying in the UK!



All photos were taken by Lauren Cameron.