Canadian students’ guide to choosing the best International Management Degree

Dec 14, 2015 11:30:00 PM

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First-hand knowledge of another culture can be crucial in business. If you’re looking to study an International Management Degree, you’re already aware of this.

Operating internationally is required in almost every sector and area of business in today’s society, and knowledge of global strategic management is necessary to successfully conduct international business relations.

Just knowing what degree you want to complete isn’t enough, however; so many universities offer variations of international management, that it can be tricky to decide what degree is exactly perfect for you.

So we have created this guide, ideal for you as a Canadian student, to choose the best international management degree:

What is your career goal?

Everyone has an idea of something that they would like to do as a career after their studies are over, and an International Management Degree lends itself to a variety of careers. For instance, you could use this degree to go into a finance career, maybe marketing, or even sustainability and ethics.

If you do have a passion for a particular career path, make sure you research the modules that each university offers in its International Management Degree program so that you can tailor your modules to fit your interests and career goals.

If you’re not sure of what you want to do, that’s okay too. You can use your university experience to test out things that you might like, so look for a course that offers a lot of variety. Then you’ll be able to find your passion.

City or country?

The location of the university at which you choose to study your degree is as important as the course itself.

Think about it; if you’re an undergraduate student, you’re going to be living in this place for three years; if you’re a Master’s student, you’ll be there for a year. It is vital, then, that you find somewhere that you think that you’ll be comfortable.

If you prefer to be in the city, find a university that will let you have this lifestyle; or, if you prefer more of a countryside setting, look for a university that is out in the country. Or maybe you prefer a little bit of both…

The perfect university for you is out there, just put in a little bit of time and research and you will find out where that ideal university is.

Why is the UK the best place to study International Management?

Studying your degree in the UK, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, will take less time than in Canada. It will also be a more intensive program focused entirely on your subject of study rather than including general education courses. Taking less time, of course, means that you spend less money…

Additionally, studying in the UK will boost your employability and set your resume apart from the competition. Employers seek applicants who are flexible and show an aptitude for independence and leadership; having an international degree demonstrates that you have these skills.

Studying in the UK opens you up to a world of possibility, where you will have access to new people, places and experience. And, after all, if you’re going to study an International Management Degree, then what could be better than to do it internationally?

Thinking about studying in the UK?

Whether you want to clarify costs, explore experiences, or simply need help in deciding whether studying your International Management Degree in the UK is the right move for you, speak to one of our Across The Pond Advisors today. They will ensure your questions are answered.

Not sure what you’ve heard about studying in the UK is true? We know that it is common for you to hear many different misconceptions about studying in the UK, so we have created this guide: Graduate School in Great Britain: The Myth-Buster Edition, in order to set the record straight. Get your free copy here.

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