Bringing the Figgy Pudding: The Christmas Season in London

Dec 23, 2017 12:00:00 PM

First of all, let me say Merry Christmas to all! December can be a busy time for everyone, but I know this
is especially true for students! With classes coming to an end stress levels seem to continually rise with
every final assignment and exam that comes our way.

 While it may be tempting to just curl up in the library and study for what seems like an eternity, I highly
suggest leaving the library to see some of the magnificent Christmas displays and festivals that London |
has to offer! I have not seen everything, and nor do I think it’s possible as London has what seems like
an endless list of things to do during the Christmas Season, but here are some things that I highly


Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Back home we have multiple Christmas light displays throughout the city, but Winter Wonderland goes
above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen. They have amazing, intricate light displays all throughout the
grounds, so many different fun carnival rides and games for you to enjoy, and booths for food and drinks
that will make you feel all warm inside (literally, they have everything from hot chocolate to mulled wine
and cider). They also have multiple shows, indoor food venues, and even an ice skating rink that you
can book a time slot for! It’s easy to get to using the tube as its in central London, and has free entry so
you have no excuses not to go!


Christmas Markets

Along with the market located inside Winter Wonderland, there are other Christmas markets located all
over the city! These markets have booths that sell everything and anything – the perfect place to pick up
a gift for every person on your list! My personal favourites are the Leicester Square and Southbank
markets, but I know other places have awesome stalls as well. And of course, there are also food and
drink stalls to help sustain you on your shopping adventures. I find this site useful as it lists all the London
Christmas markets!

 Hayley - Christmas 4-1.jpg

Film Screenings

Something that I was not aware of at all, but was very excited to learn about is all the Christmas movies
screened throughout the city at awesome venues. We all know it’s not really Christmas until you watch
Elf four times, and these screenings can help you make it the most festive experience ever! These are
not free, but if you save up your coffee money for a few days you’re all set! There are pop-ups all over
the city that have big screens, pretty lights, and comfy chairs to help you and your friends relax and forget
about exams for 2 hours! In Hackney, ‘The Cinema in the Snow’ looks about as festive as it can get, and
screens films such as Home Alone, Elf, and The Grinch. This site lists some of the other locations you
can go and watch some Christmas favourites:  


Christmas is a time that makes everyone happy, and it is amazing to be somewhere totally new and
experience this time in a new and different way. This would not have been possible without the help of
my Across the Pond advisor. If you want to be able to spend Christmas in the UK with your new friends
and classmates, Across The Pond can help. Please contact one of our Advisors if you would like to find
out more about studying in the UK.