Annual representation fees for Across the Pond services

Why do we need to pay the annual representation fee?

As all of you will be aware, we’ve always operated an annual representation fee in all of our markets, and this has historically been agreed on via e-mail whenever we’ve initially signed a contract. However, both for ourselves and our partners we recognise that this needs to be more formally explained and agreed, so as to avoid confusion particularly when there are staff changes and no documented agreement/commitment. 

Paying the annual fee leads to full partner status and therefore enables institutions to take advantage of the unique way we operate and support you, including our uniquely well qualified and professional student-facing team.  
It is important to note that given the differing subsistence costs in each market, these fees complement the contractual arrangements. In order to continue your current arrangements for next cycle, please fill in the form below. Without paying the annual fee, we cannot support your institution fully in the given market for the upcoming cycle. 


How much is the annual representation fee?

In order to be a full partner in a given market, there is an annual fee to be paid. These amounts are as follows: 

  • Canada: £750
  • Canada Law from Abroad (CLFA): £3000
  • Latin America: £750*
  • Norway: £3000
  • USA:  If you wish to be active in the USA for the year ahead, please contact Mark directly.
  • EU & The rest of the world: No representation fee, as long as we have confirmation of a contract for EU/World representation. Countries can be specified as exceptions. 

*Note that Mexico is the largest market we recruit from in Latin America, though we do get students from other countries, most notably Chile and Colombia.


Deadlines for paying the annual representation fee:

If further time is needed, please state that in the form below. Please be aware that ultimately decisions MUST be logged on this form to be valid and actioned AND that a final print deadline will operate.

Deadline for submitting form: 31 May
Deadline for paying the annual fee: 30 June


What does the annual representation fee cover?

Most of our markets operate an annual representation fee that goes towards a fixed set of promotional activities per university partner, so there is no question of subsidising other institutions. We always try to keep costs to a minimum, however, operating costs in some markets are extremely high compared to others and our annual representation fee includes a contribution to a number of in-country activities.

The annual fee covers a slightly different range of activity depending on the needs of that particular market, but a list of typical activities is as follows:

1. Brochure/Prospectus

  • In each country, a physical and/or PDF “brochure” is produced/updated that provides listings and marketing information for each of our partners. In Norway, this replaces the need for university prospectuses to be used at events and is distributed to all schools. In the other markets, this is complementary to the digital presence given the nuances of what works best in each market. Distribution of the brochure is also covered in the representation fee.  

2. Online activities

  • Keeping your university profile updated to complement the physical prospectus on our website. This is based on your annual updates for the prospectus as well as publishing news stories you send us throughout the year. We keep your profile on our website updated at all times based on information we find or receive. 
  • The opportunity for free marketing activities through us, such as student/alumni testimonials on our website, blog posts or video clips from your current students. 
  • Constantly running basic advertising and SEO for your university based on keywords used in the market so that students are able to quickly and easily find the match between your institutions and ourselves as your in-country representative. These continuous basic campaigns are optimised for regional searches and them being part of our website helps with the organic search as well. 
  • The opportunity to carry out extra online advertising through us if you want to invest in the market. Landing pages for these campaigns will not be taken down even when the investment funds are exhausted. These pages will still appear in organic searches and leads can still come through even after the campaigns are over. These landing pages can also be re-used should you wish to run another campaign at a later stage.  
  • Profiling through our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn). 

3. Events

  • Being listed as a partner on all Across the Pond presentations that our advisers carry out and promotions at events throughout the year (local health and safety indications allowing). The nature of these events will vary from market to market but we always promote and represent you, even though you're not present, through our prospectus, presentations and conversations with students who would be a good fit for your university. 
  • Access to Across the Pond events (additional fees are incurred) such as partner-only fairs and student interview sessions. 
  • Online events (additional fees are incurred) to present the university to potential students.
  • Promotion of these events to potential students through newsletters, social media and online advertising. 
  • If location and health &safety regulations allow for it, pre-departure activity for students going to your university. 


I'd like to join another Across the Pond market. What should I do?:

If you haven´t previously been active in a market and would like to be, please get in touch with Mark to discuss potential arrangements.

Please complete the form below by 31 May in order to be considered a full Across the Pond partner.


Outstanding Invoices

As we’re sure you understand we do need to have all previously outstanding invoices accounted for before we can start promoting you for the coming cycle. Please make sure that this is the case and we’ll be in touch separately with a list of any that require action as part of this process. 



Registering here for your active markets generates an invoice and is a binding commitment to paying the fee for the selected markets. We need to have this information now given the need to invest in preparing all of the marketing and promotion from this point onwards; however, of course we are aware of the possible continued uncertainties surrounding COVID-19. We want to underline that we will always do our best to accommodate our partners’ concerns and interests, but please remember that we are a single small business and taking on the risk for everyone’s payments is impossible.

We’ve continued to see excellent levels of applications this year and, all being well, our markets should hold up well for this current cycle (as long as universities are open and functioning) and will be a good source of investment for the 2022 intake.  We are all in this together and value enormously the personal and professional relationships developed with you all throughout the years. Thank you  for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times. We will come through this situation wiser and stronger by working together. As always, if you have any comments or questions about anything, please get in touch.