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A once in a lifetime experience

No matter where you come from, studying abroad in another country can be a challenging and scary feeling. However, looking back at my decision now, I can safely say coming to England to study at the University of Lincoln was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The opportunities, friendships, and incredibly high standard of education offered to me has been exceptional.

My decision to come to Lincoln wasn’t an easy one at first, but it was influenced by lots of different factors. Firstly, I’ve had friends and family study abroad in England for a semester telling me all the good experiences they’ve had here. After having an international officer rep from Lincoln come all the way to Montreal, Canada, just to speak to me personally, I was convinced the university actually wanted to give me the opportunity to study the course I wanted. I decided to visit before making up my mind fully, and the city and the campus took me away.

What’s really great about Lincoln is how everything is so close, whether it be the campus, sports center, restaurants, or even trendy pubs and cafes. With everything in walking distance, you avoid any transportation issues you would usually see in larger cities such as Manchester or London. However, it’s important not to let the size of the city be a reflection of the adventures I’ve had as a student here. From going on crazy shopping sprees up the High Street to walking around the beautiful Cathedral or having wild nights out with friends and societies till 5 am, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the full university experience in Lincoln.

Once I made up my mind, the application was very simple, using the help of Across The Pond. An advisor worked with me through every step of the application and made sure I fully understood each step before going through with the application. I ended up getting an offer to study MPharm (Pharmacy) at Lincoln and was through the roof with excitement. Obviously all my friends back home were asking me: “Are you not afraid about making friends? What about living alone?” It was quite scary at first, but living in halls first year you make friends within the first week and the rest was smooth sailing. Lincoln has only brought me positive experiences since! I’ve got friends from every corner of the world and we are tight as ever.

Currently, I’m completing my 2nd year of Pharmacy, playing on the American Football team (top of the league this year by the way!) and will be travelling to France soon with the Ski Society for an awesome week of skiing, so things are great and I’m definitely happy with my decision. I strongly recommend anyone considering studying at Lincoln to take that leap of faith and be brave; it’s a once in a lifetime experience so enjoy it!

Karim  Belkhou

Lincoln, University of